You know what I hate? Going to someone’s blog or vlog to read or watch what they have so eloquently created, just to have some random ass commercial start playing in the background or pop-up out of nowhere. Or maybe the sound doesn’t auto play but I can see the commercial moving out of the corner of my eye. It distracts from the content.

I get it, they need to monetize their content so they can make money to do what they do and I don’t begrudge them that; after all they have to pay the bills, but I deserve to not be assaulted by commercials every time I want to watch a vlog or read a blog.

I was watching an interview the other day. The total interview was one hour and I had to endure being interrupted six times. I usually shut it down after the third commercial pops up. If I hadn’t already known the person being interviewed, and known that it would be worth it, I would have found another interview with that same person.

Even if I love, love, love you or your content, I do not want to be assaulted. On one You Tube channel, they decided to show a fifteen minute commercial before the program started. And even though I love the person or company who was advertising, I really just wanted to get to the content. If I want to watch commercials, I will turn on the T.V. and I don’t have to watch them there either if I choose not to. With being able to record and watch later, or pause live T.V., I don’t have to watch commercials anymore.

If you’re going to put a commercial on something please do it at the beginning or the end. I’d actually be willing to listen to a short (1 minute or less) commercial to get to your content, but being assaulted by them every five or ten minutes in a 30 minute video is ridiculous and I will immediately shut it off. Because, frankly, there are other people out there who may be as good as you that I just haven’t found yet. Your content is not so important to me that I’m willing to be assaulted in order to watch or read it.

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