I’m praying that people will educate themselves enough to know what most of us learned prekindergarten, that disinfectants are made of toxic chemicals and you should never ingest them or let anyone inject you with them because you will die.

I’m horrified that our president would stand up in front of the world and say that this might be okay! See this article along with the video. He later said that he was being sarcastic but there was nothing sarcastic in his tone in the original video. There are people out there who believe in him so much they might actually try this so I’m praying that Spirit and/or humans will educate those people before that happens.

In addition to this, it’s unsettling that he is suggesting that the UV light idea is his idea. Firstly, regular UV lights are used to kill viruses on medical instruments and tools, but they cause skin cancer to humans and damage their eyes so I hope that people educate themselves on the difference and don’t just go out and buy something that will harm them.

Secondly, researchers at Columbia University’s Center for Radiological Research have been working on a technology to kill seasonal coronaviruses (that cause the common cold and flu, as well as drug resistant bacteria). See this article. However, it has not been conclusively proven to be effective against this strain of COVID, but they are testing this now to find out. This new UV light (far-UVC) has the potential to kill the virus before it gets into the human body and they would install the lights in public gathering places like airports, schools, and grocery stores. It won’t protect you at home or in outdoors gathering places. It is not feasible that every household could install these at a cost of $500 to $1,000 each.

This new UV light has been tested on animals and humans and will not harm human skin, eyes, or other tissues. It is currently awaiting FDA approval which could take several months.

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