by Lisa Bradley

I woke up at 4 am on my 50th birthday. I tried to get out of bed and I could barely walk. Every muscle and joint in my body hurt. For five years I told my doctor that it felt like my body was attacking itself. Finally, he sent me to a neurologist who diagnosed me with Myofascial Pain Syndrome (similar in symptoms to fibromyalgia). I had to retire early because by the time I got from the parking lot to my desk I could barely move.

I was already taking medication for heartburn, allergies, and asthma daily. I had headaches every day, and the migraines were becoming more frequent. I used to get migraines only once every six months or so, now I was getting them almost weekly. I was also exhausted every day.

I watched my mother choke down 17 pills every morning and 17 pills every night for the last 15 years of her life. I decided that was not going to be my fate. Nothing she was taking was healing her body, it was only maintaining her poor health.

Then I found WILDFIT. I watched a masterclass in which the founder, Eric Edmeades, explained his journey and gave some information about WILDFIT. My thought was, “Well, what do I have to lose at this point? A few dollars? That’s not such a big deal if it helps me improve my health.” After all, what would I pay to get my health back if it was completely gone?

At the time I was 55 years old, weighed 165 pounds, and my body was failing. I wanted quality of life over quantity, so I decided to sign up for WILDFIT.

The WILDFIT program was easy and difficult. It was easy in that the enhancements each week were released on Friday so I was able to shop over the weekend. With each enhancement being unveiled weekly instead of all at once it reduced my opportunity to fail because it wasn’t overwhelming.

After the first two weeks of learning some of the psychology around food and why we eat what we eat, we started implementing enhancements that taught us to eat the Human Diet. Eric explained that every animal on the planet has a diet, including humans. However, we have gotten off our human diet because of the convenience that is now available to us.

I learned that we are eating more and starving ourselves nutritionally at the same time, and how we are doing that. I learned how the food manufacturing industry is hiding processed sugar in our food and then labeling it “healthy” or “organic” when it’s not. Why do they do that? Because sugar is addictive, and it makes you feel hungry. As a result, you buy more and it increases their profit. I learned about the six human hungers, of which only a few are genuine hungers. Empty stomach is not a genuine hunger, who knew?

It was difficult because I was not used to cycling through seasons or eating the human diet. And I absolutely hated leafy greens, good thing WILDFIT has a hack for that! I had to learn a new way to eat, a new way to snack, a new way to plan and prep for meals. But it was so worth it! I don’t have daily muscle pain now. I was able to release two of my medications (heartburn and allergies) and 45 pounds (I now weigh 123 pounds). Every time I cycle into a spring season my body heals more and more. I love WILDFIT and I love eating the human diet; I will never go back to eating the convenience foods I used to eat, especially now that I know how they really affect my body. My health is way more important to me than convenience.