Bridging the Gap

We are the bridge between physical and spiritual, illness and health, death and life. We are the bridge between misunderstanding and understanding, hate and love, war and peace. We are the bridge between disharmony and harmony. We are the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

We have within us the ability to bring peace to Earth, if we so choose. Focus all your attention on peace, love, and harmony; it’s as simple as that!



You know that person you are struggling with? How do you know they are not fulfilling their purpose? How do you know they are not doing exactly what they came here to do? Is it because what they are doing doesn’t fit into your map of the world?

Maybe what they are doing is exactly the experience they agreed to give you so that you could learn what you need to about yourself. When we believe that someone should be doing something differently, it’s not because they should, it’s because there is something we are learning from it. Maybe we need to change a belief within our self and they are showing us what that belief is. What are you learning from that person you are struggling with?


Show Up

It’s not okay to keep expecting Spirit to show up if you’re not showing up. There comes a time when you have to take action on all the things you’ve been learning and all the ways you’ve been growing. It’s time to put the knowledge to use.


Unconscious Belief

As you create a life you love, the unconscious beliefs that have been holding you back will bubble to the surface. The purpose of this is to release them and replace them with the Truth.


Support Yourself

It feels really good when you see support in your life from others. How are you supporting yourself? Of all the people in the world, you need your own support the most.

When you see a lack of support outside of yourself, it’s only a reflection of what’s going on inside. When you see this lack of support on the outside, sit with Spirit and ask to see where you are not supporting yourself. You might be surprised by the answer, or you might think, “I knew that!”

Find ways to support yourself and you will see the outside world come into alignment with that and begin supporting you also.



Your environment is a reflection of what’s inside you. If your house is in disorder, that is the energy you are putting out and everything in your life will reflect that. Your body, house, car, and relationships will all reflect that. When you see disorder and chaos in your life, if you ask, “What am I learning from this?” and you are open to the answer, you will see where, in your own life, you are putting out that energy. Each situation is a learning experience, ask what you are learning from difficult situations, and from the good experiences as well.
I had a situation in my life in which I saw chaos and disorder all around me. I realized that the chaos and disorder were coming from me. If I am treating anything in my life with anything less than love, respect, and gratitude, everyone else will too. When I am putting out the energy of chaos and disorder, it will be amplified in my outer world and I will see it everywhere.
Sometimes, Spirit has to amplify the energy we are putting out in order for us to recognize and correct it.